Taal Volcano Eruption: This Is The Worst Scenario That Can Happen

TAAL VOLCANO ERUPTION – Here are the worst scenarios as the Taal Volcano erupts after many years since its last tragic eruption.

The Taal volcano emits a lava fountain in this photo taken at 3:23AM fro Tagaytay City on January 13, 2020. Paul Quiambao, ABS-CBN News

Alert Level 4 has been raised since the Taal Volcano erupted on January 12, Sunday, which means hazardous eruption is possible within hours to days.

The activity of the Taal escalated quickly where Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) officials disclosed that even experts got quite surprised by it.

RAPID ESCALATION Lightning illuminates Taal Volcano as ash and steam shoot up from its main crater on Sunday afternoon. —REM ZAMORA

Ash blanketed Batangas, other parts of Calabarzon, Metro Manila, and Central Luzon leaving people fleeing to much safer ground and animals in misery. Classes and government works have been suspended and numerous flights have been canceled.

Sitting within the Pacific Ring Of Fire and one of the more than 20 active volcanoes in the Philippines, the worst could happen as follows:

  • Eruption may last up to seven months like what happened way back 1754.
  • It could kill thousands of people like it did in 1911 which lasted for days only but costed some 1,300 people’s lives.
  • Volcanic tsunami is a possible hazard but since the lake is small, a major can eruption can cause “substantially high” waves as per Defense Secretary and NDRRMC Chairperson Delfin Lorenzana has said.
  • Other hazards could be fissuring, landslides, and ground liquefaction.
  • The hazardous eruption may “look like” an atomic bomb explosion but not the energy of it.
  • It can blow up like how Mount Pinatubo did where the entire mountain disappeared spewing everything based on Lorenzana according to MB’s report.

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