Pinay in Japan donates 1,000 pieces of N95 face mask for “kababayans” in need

A Filipina in Japan has donated N95 face masks to be sent to the Philippines.

Glendy Cruz has earned praise online for her good deeds and generosity. She has sent over 1,000 pieces of N95 face masks that are badly needed back here in the Philippines.

Glendy shared on Facebook a snapshot of the face mask she planned to send. She captioned it with, “I will donate 1,000pcs of N95 mask. Thank you Angela Lauchengco sa help para makarating sa Manila. #JapanToManila”

This came after Glendy expressed her frustration over reports that some stores are overpricing their stocks of N95 face masks due to its high demand. She lamented online; saying, “Grabe! Ginawa pang business! Hirap na hirap na nga mga tao ginigipit pa! Kung may uuwi lang sa Pinas mag dodonate ako dito eh.”

Image by Glendy Cruz via Facebook

Glendy’s act of generosity was well received online by netizens. One online user wrote, “Buti na lang may mababait pa rin tayong kababayan. Samantalang dito, ang daming nagsamantala sa presyo niyan. Sa mga botika napakamahal nilang magbenta.”

Due to the continued ashfall brought about by the phreatic eruption of Taal Volcano, residents of affected areas have been “panic buying” N95 face masks. The N95 face mask has been recommended as the best respiratory protection against volcanic ash.

Image by Glendy Cruz via Facebook

Unfortunately, several stores were reported to be overpricing the face masks. From the price of ₱20- ₱30, it has reportedly gone as high as ₱200 to ₱500.

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