3 Volcanic Eruptions From 3 Different Countries In 3 Days

3 VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS – In just a span of three days, three volcanic eruptions had occurred in volcanoes found in the Philippines, Japan, and Mexico.

On Sunday, January 12, Taal Volcano became active and is feared to have a hazardous explosive eruption. Meanwhile, In Japan, Mt. Shintake Erupted on Jan. 11, and Mexico’s Popocatepetl on January 9.

Rocks were spewed about 300 meters from the crater of Mount Shintake on the Kuhinoerabu Island in the Kagoshima Prefecture. In Mexico, the active Popocatepetl Volcano sent 3 kilometers of smoke with moderate ash in the air.

Philippines Taal Volacano | Image from: ABS-CBN

However, in the Philippines, Taal Volcano’s activity had already been raised to alert level 4. This meant that the volcano showed signs of a possible hazardous and explosive eruption.

Japan’s Mount Shintake’s alert level was raised to 3. Because of this, hikers are urged not to climb the mountain as Japanese authorities warned of possible flying rocks and pyroclastic flows in a 2-kilometer radius of the crater.

Japan’s Mount Shintake | Image from: Japan Times

Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano, on the other hand, had authorities issue a yellow alert. This meant that the volcano showed signs of elevated unrest.

But, are the eruptions of these volcanoes connected? According to USGS, most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not happen randomly.

Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano | Image from: EarthSky

Instead, it occurs in specific areas, such as along plate boundaries. One such area is the circum-Pacific “Ring Of Fire” where the Pacific Plate meets several surrounding plates.

There are no reports yet that the eruptions are connected. But, all three of the recently erupted volcanoes lie within the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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