How to get a Certificate of Waiver (Age/Height) for BFP

Planning to join in the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) but you have age and/or height deficiencies? Here’s your chance to get a height and/or age waiver. Listed below are some of the tips on how you can acquire an approved Certificate of Waiver (CoW).


Height requirements:
Male – 5’4”
Female – 5’2”

Age Limit:
21 to 30 years old
31 to 35 years old (requires Certificate of Waiver)


Common Types of Waivers you can use (any of the following):

a. Certification of Confirmation/Tribal Membership from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) or National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF);
(Height must be 5’2” for male and 5” for female:)

b. Professional Driver’s License with restriction code 1,2,3 (PDL 123);

c. Consistent honor or honor graduates (PD No 907); and

d. Certification of Volunteers from Government or Private Owned Fire Stations or Fire brigade, with proof of attendance and Fire Volunteer ID.

If you have previous government service, attach your attested appointment and service record/s. (This is only applicable for b to d types of waivers).


Other required documents that you should provide:

a. Photocopy of two valid IDs;
(other 2 valid IDs, if you are using PDL 123 as your waiver)

b. Three (3) pcs, white background with name tag, recent 2×2 picture; and

c. Original copy of Birth Certificate from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).



1. Go to the nearest Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Regional Offices. Proceed to the Administrative Office and submit the required documents.

a. If you have height deficiency, they will require you to go to their Health Service Unit and take a height measurement. The Regional Medical Officer will issue the CERTIFICATE OF HEIGHT DEFICIENCY.

b. If you have age deficiency, the administrative staff will ask you certain questions. Based on the presented PSA birth Certificate, the Chief, Administrative Division will provide you the CERTIFICATE OF AGE DEFICIENCY.

2. Submit the completed documents and wait for several days/weeks for your approved Certificate of Waiver from BFP-NHQ.

3. Upon the receipt of the approved Certificate of Waiver, you are now ready to apply for the position of Fire Officer 1 (FO1) in your nearest regional office.

If you are a legitimate member of tribe/confirmation securing certificate from NCIP or NCMF, please proceed to your City/Municipal Hall and ask on how can you be eligible for a certain certificate.

For drivers, please proceed to the nearest LTO. They will require your trade skills test before issuing PDL 123.


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