Clint Bondad, Iniwan na si Catriona Gray at sumama sa Thai Billionaire Trans-Gender?!

Clint Bondad and Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip’s photos went viral after the billionaire CEO posted them on Instagram. 

Photo: Catriona Gray (L) and Clint Bondad (R)

She welcomed the Kapuso actor upon his arrival in Thailand and shared a picture of them posing inside a Tuk Tuk. “Welcome to Thailand, Mr. Clint”

Anne also uploaded a photo of them with a caption that sparked the curiosity of netizens. “Thank you for accepting who I am. You are the great gentleman, my dear.”

Photo source via Instagram / @annejkn.official (Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip)

The posts immediately made netizens curious and comment their reactions about it. Some shrugged it off and said that Clint was just there because of an endorsement that the CEO sponsored.

It has been a while since Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray called it quits, so fans were understandably curious when the Kapuso actor posted a selfie with a mystery lady.

“Pretty Eyes Tell the Best Stories,” Clint captioned in his Instagram post.

Photo source via Instagram / @clintbondad (Clint Bondad)

The cute photo garnered over 27,000 likes and hundreds of comments that range from enthusiastic support to curiosity, to disappointment.

“Are they a couple?”

Photo source via Instagram / @clintbondad (Clint Bondad)

“Love is all that matters.”

“He’s there for an endorsement and modeling gig. This trans lady is one of the sponsors from what I heard kasi Thai people like Clint a lot.”

Fans of Clint and Catriona still seem to hold on to the hope that they’ll get back together someday, despite it being several months since the break-up.

Photo source via Instagram / @annejkn.official (Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip)

Clint meanwhile steered clear of the comments section, effectively keeping the mystery alive.

But even so, many details still remain unclear — the question of who initiated the breakup or whether or not they’ve already separated during Catriona’s coronation in December, among many other queries, were left hanging.

Clint and Catriona confirmed that their relationship has ended last February of this year after their six years being together.

Photo source via Instagram / @annejkn.official (Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip)

What can you say?

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