Adamson University unveils its new building

Adamson University held a Topping Off Ceremony for its newest building, temporarily named the OZ Annex building. The OZ Annex is located at the Romualdez St. side of the campus. Leading the ceremonies were Fr. Marcelo V. Manimtim, CM, university president, and Engr. Ibrahim “Bong” Nuño, an alumnus of Adamson and president of Metro Stonerich Corporation, the construction firm undertaking the project.

In his message, Fr. Manimtim mentioned that one of the Vincentian university presidents who paid a visit to the university last January observed that something new is going on in Adamson every time he visits. He added that when more than 60 Vincentian Provincial Superiors from around the world come to see the university, this building would be a new thing that the university can showcase. “This is the context,” he explained, “of the celebration this morning.” He then thanked Metro Stonerich, the William Ty Architecture and Design Studio and ELS Consultancy and Management, Inc.

Engr. Maximillian G. Quintos, SVP for Operations and Engineering of Metro Stonerich, thanked Adamson University for allowing their company to be a partner in the construction while at the same time apologizing to the guests for having to negotiate a flight of makeshift stairs to go up to the venue. Metro Stonerich also constructed the Falcon’s Nest 2 athletes’ dormitory in the Rustia compound beside Adamson.

A topping off is a rite held when a building is either completed or when the major structural components have been done. With 42 rooms, computer labs and an audio-visual room, the nine-floor building is slated to be fully operational by the time the new school year starts in August 2019.

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