Vico Sotto: Stop treating gov’t officials like showbiz stars

Besieged by talk regarding his love life, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said government officials should not be treated like showbiz personalities.

In a tweet late Sunday, Sotto called out reports centering around his love life, and stressed that “it is definitely not newsworthy.”

“If [I] knew it would get this much attention i just wouldn’t have answered,” he said referring to a remark he made during a televised interview.

“Sana naman before 40. Sa ngayon ang masasabi ko lang diyan, Diyos na po ang bahala. Tumatanggap naman ako ng aplikante,” the youthful mayor said in the TV interview.

The 30-year-old mayor, however, clarified that he only issued the remark in jest.

“If we want better governance, we should stop treating our government officials like showbiz personalities,” his tweet further read.

Sotto, son of actor-comedian Vic Sotto and actress Coney Reyes, clinched Pasig’s top post in the May midterm elections and ended the 27-year rule of the Eusebio clan.

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