NOW partners with Singapore firm to step up broadband rollout

Velarde faimly-led Now Telecom Inc. has teamed up with Singapore-based HyalRoute Group and Philippine Fiber Optic Cable Network Ltd. to speed up the deployment of its broadband service nationwide.

NOW president Rodolfo Pantoja said the partnership enables the parties to collaborate for the commercial use of shared fiber infrastructure assets, including access to fiber-optic cores and other related facilities.

When coupled with NOW’s fixed wireless capability for the last mile and using spectrum exclusive to it, the company can reach consumers faster than a pure fiber-based broadband provider at a fraction of their capital expenditure, thus leading to more compelling broadband offers, Pantoja said.

Pantoja said the presence of a provider-agnostic fiber operator solves one of the key infrastructure elements of NOW’s 5G plan and allows NOW to launch truly disruptive 5G offerings.

“The nationwide backbone (of HyalRoute-PFOCN) allows us to replicate our success in Metro Manila with guaranteed throughput broadband services that continue to resonate with enterprises especially those where availability of reliable broadband is mission-critical,” he said.

NOW earlier announced plans to offer 5G or fifth generation wireless technology which will allow the delivery of up to 20 gigabit per second speed to enterprises and homes.

Pantoja said 5G would allow high wireless bandwidth in low latency scenarios, allowing for further complex technologies to exist.

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