Arroyo to write memoir, help Pampanga after Speakership

Former president and former House of Representatives Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will go back to writing her memoir and work as Pampanga provincial government consultant.

Arroyo said she stopped writing her memoir since she has been busy performing her job as a congresswoman and House leader. She started writing during her hospital arrest in 2012.

“Old soldiers never die, but they fade away. My plan right now is to go back to writing my memoir,” she told reporters Friday upon arriving at the Tacloban airport to visit a road project in Samar.

Apart from writing, the former chief executive said she has not thought much about “how to keep busy and involved.”

“Although the outgoing Pampanga governor said they would like to tap my services to help my home province. The incoming governor also confirmed that. I will be happy to help my province from time to time as a consultant,” she added.

Arroyo has been a member of the House after her term as president in 2010. She was arrested in 2011 over election sabotage and plunder charges.

In July 2018, Arroyo was elected as the country’s first female House Speaker.

She has two weeks left before she will step down as House Speaker. (PNA)

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