Look: Family Eats In Boodle Fight Style At Jolibee, Only in The Philippines!

Photo from Maan Mallorca Facebook

Filipinos are known for exquisite and scrumptious foods. Preparing these also come in style Buffet, Plated or even Boodle fight, which majority prefers.

During a boodle fight, there are no silverwares involved thus, you need to use your bare hands while eating. To some families this has become their tradition. In this way, they can eat together as a family in one long table.

The table is topped with banana leaves which will serve as plates. Then foods will be served atop of that. There are cases where viands and rice are mixed altogether but this may be vary to personal preference.

Yes! They are your typical family, they eat in Boodle Fight style too. But what’s surprising is they didn’t do it in their house or backyard but nside fast food. You read it right. A fast food which is not new to Filipinos – Jollibee.

Check out this video uploaded from Maan Mallorca’s Facebook account:

This is every unusual and you can only find this in the Philippines. Nakakatuwa tingnan ang pamilyang ito hindi kailangan kumain sa isang mamahaling restaurant as long as sama sama sila at masaya kontento na.


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